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Katharina has been working as a teacher of performative dance for 20 years, with a focus on contemporary dance technique.

Her teaching is based on the movement principles of Rudolf von Laban and is inspired by Flying Low and Countertechnique, among others.
It is characterized by dynamic, organic movement sequences in three dimensional space, as well as to, from, and on the floor.
It allows the entire, individual variety of movement of the body to be experienced. The focus of her training is on creating space and freedom
of movement in the body in order to achieve healthier and more effective movement with efficient use of strength and energy.
Important aspects of her teaching are the training of musical expression, spatial awareness, and different movement qualities, as well as
the development of individual body expression.

Contemporary dance for youth & adults all level   |   Workshops contemporary dance & choreography

Additionally, Katharina has many years of experience as a dance teacher in the field of artistic dance for children

Early dance education/children's dance     |     Contemporary dance  for children     |     Children's ballet

References  dance teacher (selection)

Ballett Gym Step Nieschulz-Flottbek

Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg   


 - Schule für künstlerischen Tanz

Musikschule der Hansestadt Lüneburg

Ballett Studio Holtz Ahrensburg

Modern/Contemporary, Ballet Kids, Dance Kids

Dance in Schools
Dance Kids, Modern/Contemporary Kids

Contemporary, Ballet, Ballet Kids, Dance Kids

Modern/Contemporary, Ballet, Modern Jazz,        Ballet Kids, Dance Kids

Ballet Kids

2013 bis heute

2018 - 2019

2019 - 2020

2002 - 2019

2016 - 2017 

2002 - 2013

Choreographic Projects

Another main focus of her artistic dance activities are choreographic projects with children, teenagers and adults.

References projects (selection)

Stuhl Allein | Idea, concept, choreography
in collaboration with Elke Nieschulz Brockmann
An intergenerational, contemporary dance project with students of the Ballet School Nieschulz-Flottbek
flashmob performance | Westerpark Klein Flottbek | 2021

Was uns bewegt | Idea, concept, choreography
in collaboration with Helen Hannak
Dance project for the 50th anniversary | Musikschule der Hansestadt Lüneburg | 2017

Cinderella, family concert no. 2 | final rehearsal direction, organization, artistic realization
A "tutti -pro" project in collaboration with the
Lüneburg Symphony Orchestra, cond: Robin Davis and the orchestra strings! cond.: Kathy Nierenz
Musikschule der Hansestadt Lüneburg | 2016